Blossoming Trees in Kinnaur

The day you sown the seed is not the day you eat the fruit from it , like everything good on this planet growing fruit also takes time and care and thus we get the magnificent fruits like

kinnaur apples .

The trees in kinnaur starts to blossom in the starting of April month and the pink - white buds on trees leaves you speechless with its alluring beauty.The whole kinnaur looks heaven and attracts a huge number of tourists to the mountains of kinnaur ,well this place can leave an impression on your memory that you can last forever !

The flowering on trees starts early on almonds and apricots rather than the apples and thus kinnaur apples are the last to arrive into market that is in the month of October , when almost all other apple producers in India finished with selling their apples.The altitude and the purest environment helps in producing the most crunchy and juicy apples which is almost free of chemicals.

Trees blossoming | Kinnaurappletraders
Apricots and Almond trees blossoming || Month of May

The kinnaur having the purest air in india with exceptional beauty and with the most valued fruits in India is still unknown to many and has never gain the attention of majority of our people which is a huge set back to the quality of this place and gems it resides inside it.

Please visit kinnaur and please help us spreading more health and sweetness to your loved once!

Thank you for reading this far...

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