Here Comes The Kinnaur Apples , Season Begins !

The season of kinnaur apples has arrived , the bloomed buds are now the juicy apples just ready for your next salad or an apple pie whatever you like it's there.

The long waiting of kinnaur apples is now finally come to it's end , low height of kinnaur are overflowing with apples . The low height apples are early to come and easily consumed but the most rejuvenating apples comes from the high altitudes of kinnaur , yes they will make you wait but it's a promise that that wait will worth waiting.!

Kinnaur has mainly three types of apples Royal Red, Golden and leftovers among which Royal red is most juicy ,crunchy and demanded apple. The Royal Red apple is very crunchy ,pure red with full of juice and as you go higher the quality of apple increases relatively that's why most of the apples that comes to the market are costly .

Royal red apples are famous but do not forget that Golden apples are no less in taste , it is considered to have more vitamins than Royal Red . Golden apples are citrus in taste and comes with some red patches on them , these red patches on golden apples sometimes confuses many consumer that they have been fooled with red apples but it is not that , in fact

having red patches means they are relatively younger than the pure yellow one as the full yellow colour comes when it is kept either on tree of shelf for relatively longer time . Please do prefer to buy golden apples with some red patches ,it's totally ok and it comes with even more benefits.

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Apart of Royal Red and Golden apple third type of apples we have is the leftover which is not as the name suggest but these are those apples which are not of perfect shape,size or colour or they get a little damaged . These leftovers may be no match in appearance but it taste almost similar to some good quality apples . The main consumption of these apples are by local shop and stalls , some use it for making juice and jams, these are the apple you see on the stalls on the roadside which are yes of course kinnaur apple but no match for High grade apples like Royal Red and Golden apples from kinnaur.

Thank you very much for reading this post , we wish your safety and good health ..

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