Move over Alphonso, Kinnauri apple is king of fruits this year ..!

Kinnaur apples are highly demanded across the india and has competitive apple market around many countries.These apples are known for their sweet taste and the crunch you feel when you taste it fresh. Kinnaur has one of the most soothing environment for apple trees and for human as it has the reputation of having the best air quality in india ! Yes you heard it right ,according to a survey by IIT Delhi ,kinnaur district has lowest level of air pollution which makes it best suited for the flora and fauna inhabiting there...

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Which variety of apples are available in kinnaur ?

Kinnaur is very famous famous for it's Royal red apple which is considered among the superior quality of apples produced in India. As the name suggest Royal red apple are dark red in colour and not bright like american apples. Royal red apple are crunchy and sweet in taste and harvested in the end of month September to complete October month.The Royal red apple has short shelf life and after two or three months it becomes quiet soft and begins to loose it's crunch .

The other variety of apple produced in kinnaur is the Golden apple. The golden apple are little sour in taste and considered as good source for vitamin C and other vital nutrients.

Golden apple produced in kinnaur are mainly of two to three types on the basis of their colour, some are pure golden in colour but some has a reddish blush on them .The colour of apple do vary with colour as the pure golden has kind of sweet-sour taste but the reddish golden has little more sourness to it.!

Kinnaur also produce green apple but most of them are not sold as it is used for household purposes.

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